Los 100 Mejores Momentos Musicales en el Cine (100 al 81)

«I have a friend, jazz musician…trumpet player, really terrific. And I go and hear him jam every month or so and he plays this piece I love, an old Chet Baker song. And he blows the same notes every time and every time it sounds so different. And we had drinks one night…when I used to drink….and I tried to tell him how that song made me feel, how the music made me feel, how his playing made me feel. And he just kept shakin’ his head and he said “Joan, you can’t talk about music! Talking about music is like dancing about architecture,” and I just said, “Well fine! Gonna get all philosophical on me, it’s just as pointless as talking about a lot of things, love for instance.” And my friend laughed and he said, “Definitely, most definitely, talking about love is like dancing about architecture.” So I don’t know, he might be right…but it ain’t gonna stop me from trying.»
Joan, ‘Playing by Heart’ (1998)

No quiero abrumarlos con mucho texto y explicaciones del porqué cierta canción y película están en tal lugar, la lista es muy sencilla y están excluídos todos los filmes del género musical “per se”, tampoco se repiten piezas ni películas, se trata única y exclusivamente de secuencias y de su acompañamiento musical que en conjunto logran conformar un momento memorable en el cine. Vayan por una copa de vino en la comodidad de su casa, relájense y espero que disfruten de este gran recorrido:

100.- ‘Meet The Spartans‘ (2008)
Tambourine‘ by Eve

 99.- ‘Color of Night‘ (1994)
The Color of the Night‘ by Lauren Christy

 98.- ‘Ghost‘ (1990)
Unchained Melody‘ by The Righteous Brothers

 97.- ‘Pretty Woman‘ (1990)
Pretty Woman‘ by Roy Orbison

 96.- ‘Always‘ (1989)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes‘ by The Platters

 95.- ‘Pretty In Pink‘ (1986)
Try A Little Tenderness‘ by Otis Redding

 94.- ‘Grosse Pointe Blank‘ (1997)
Under Pressure‘ by Queen & David Bowie

 93.- ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding‘ (1997)
I Say A Little Prayer‘ by Dionne Warwick

 92.- ‘Nothing But Trouble‘ (1991)
Same Song‘ by Digital Underground & Tupac

 91.- ‘White Chicks‘ (2004)
A Thousand Miles‘ by Vanessa Carlton

 90.- ‘American Pie‘ (1999)
Calling Your Name‘ by Anomaly

 89.- ‘Boogie Nights‘ (1997)
Sister Christian‘ by Night Ranger

 88.- ‘13 Going On 30‘ (2004)
Love Is A Battlefield‘ by Pat Benatar

 87.- ‘Friends With Benefits‘ (2011)
Closing Time‘ by Semisonic

 86.- ‘What Women Want‘ (2000)
Bitch‘ by Meredith Brooks

 85.- ‘She’s All That‘ (1999)
Kiss Me‘ by Sixpence None The Richer

 84.- ‘Legally Blonde‘ (2001)
Perfect Day‘ by Hoku

 83.- ‘Good Will Hunting‘ (1997)
Miss Misery‘ by Elliott Smith

 82.- ‘Groundhog Day‘ (1993)
I Got You Babe‘ by Sonny & Cher

 81.- ‘Risky Business‘ (1983)
Old Time Rock & Roll‘ by Bob Seger

Nos vemos el próximo lunes a la misma hora con el siguiente segmento de la serie. Espero que se hayan divertido porque vienen muchas sorpresas en lo que resta del camino.




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